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New Profile Posts

  1. ush.hacker
    Cracking HHN codes. "cracking"
  2. KengKun
    hyped for 2017 in universal!!!!!!!!
  3. Universalfanboy
    Universalfanboy BriMan
    Can you still change usernames? If so can you change mine to Universalfanboy. Thanks.
  4. UK-Trigg
    Not long now
  5. WAJAS98
    Taking the first steps towards the industry I love. Universal Creative, Imagineering, Deep Blue Creative, or some third-party here I come!
  6. ArchieAndrews
    ArchieAndrews testtrack321
    We haven't ever really chatted (not a surprise since I'm so new), just wanted to say I appreciate your Persona icon and signature. I'm pretty pumped for 5 to come out.
    1. testtrack321
      the delays have killed my spirit and soul lol

      i'm taking the next day off to play it, that's how hyped i am.
      Dec 31, 2016
    2. ArchieAndrews
      I haven't had to deal with quite as much of a wait since I started playing the games post 4's release. But I understand what you mean as far as delays go with many other things lol. It looks really good though and it seems to have gotten pretty great feedback from the Japanese release too.
      Dec 31, 2016
  7. GrimGrinningGhoul
    I am a huge Disney enthusiast! My dream is to one day work for the Walt Disney World company and design graphics for new attractions!
  8. WAJAS98
    Paying 80$ for a year's worth of food at SWO, seeing an Orlando Magic game, and ending the day with HHN. What more can a guy ask for?
  9. Galaxy Defender
    Galaxy Defender
    I'm here at Universal until October 26th.
  10. Tyler
    Universal Churros > Life
  11. Tyler
    At least I'm not shark bait in 10 minutes ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  12. Frogki
    Frogki Youtherevmk
    Yooo! Just bugging you man, hope you're enjoying the forums!
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    2. Youtherevmk
      I'm loving it so far! I like how I joined in 2011 and never actually did anything until now. xD
      Sep 20, 2016
  13. Youtherevmk
    Youtherevmk Frogki
    Hey bud! Just thought I'd give your page some clutter, haha. :D
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  14. CTank
    Next trip to Universal Orlando: November 2018!
  15. UK-Trigg
    Wishing I was at HHN
  16. Legacy
    "Mrs. Dennis said eyes, ‘are the window to the soul.’ There’s actually nothing there. If you’re alive or dead. It’s just empty space."
  17. SeventyOne
    SeventyOne Mr. EPCOT
    Ha ha perfect opening then ... you have your tickets to Adventures in Charity yet?
    1. Mr. EPCOT
      Mr. EPCOT
      I don't! Believe it or not, I've never actually made it to one of those, for one reason or another.
      Sep 10, 2016
    2. SeventyOne
      Solid line-up this year, just saying ...
      Sep 10, 2016
  18. UniversalCityFL
    UniversalCityFL BriMan
    Hi, sorry to bother, but was wondering if you could change my username to: UniversalCityFL

    That way I can have consitency across twitter etc. Thank you!
  19. Johhny_Haze
    Should i start a kickstarter so i can hopefully make it to HHN26?
  20. SkiBum
    Wishing I was IOA bound